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Laying the Ground for Local Content in East Africa

With numerous initiatives taking place in different dimensions at both the private and public sector levels, the complaints of lack of local content just might soon be history. I explore some of those in this article.


Of Uganda’s Open Source friendly Policies and the Sleeping FOSS Community

Free Software in Africa has come a long way. From a time when nothing was known about it to the current state where an appreciable level of knowledge has permeated the IT communities on the continent. Uganda is remarkably one of those countries that have made significant progress in embracing Free and Open Source Software. However, with the Government embracing Open Source, the FOSS Community seems to be sleeping on duty. Read about this and much more in this Article

Africa’s Information Technology is more relevant in Agriculture

Agriculture is the largest contributor to the GDP of most African Countries. However, the Information Technology wave has a bigger foot print in other industries with Agriculture being looked at as a peripheral industry. I explore why its important to prioritise IT in the Agriculture Sector in this article.

Record Keeping for the Agri-Business SME

Africa’s commercial farmer doesn’t have to be a photocopy of the Large Scale Industrial farmer typical of the Western World. Our future lies in harnessing the production potential of the small farmers and agri-businesses that are rife on the continent. I explore the importance of adopting proper record keeping in this article.

Does Uganda Lack Local Content?

Whenever I come across IT Savvy colleagues in Uganda, the one discussion that never escapes us is on Local Content. There is a widely held belief that the country lacks local content and something needs to be done about it. I share my views in this article.


Product Packaging, the Key to Agri-Business

Product Packaging, the Key to Agri-Business

Agri Business SMEs have been accused of failure to access lucrative markets as a result of poor packaging of their products. In this article, I highlight the benefits of packaging and challenges faced when trying to improve packaging in Uganda. Read on …


Railways and Broadband

Railways and Broadband

Any transport infrastructure that Uganda embarks upon today has the potential of extending the much needed broadband access to the hard to reach areas. It is possible to kill two birds with one stone. Find out more in this article.