Monthly Archives: September 2014

When Ugandans were fooled into SIM Registration

They huffed and puffed, talked about all the reasons why all Ugandans MUST register their sim cards. Security was put at the forefront and we were promised how this registration would be the silver bullet towards phone related crimes. A few of us may not have believed the entire package of promises being made but the majority did believe and responded accordingly. Read More here …


Small Scale Business, Uganda’s gateway to prosperity

White collar education continuously pounds us with concepts that are sometimes not suitable for our own environs. Industrialisation has always been viewed from the perspective of large companies owned by a few but employing thousands of people. In Uganda, it seems like the trend is small businesses owned by thousands employing a handful each. The recently concluded Uganda Small Scale Industries Association trade fair was testimony to the successes the alternative approach is having in Uganda. More on that in this article. 

3D Printing likely to re-define Africa’s trade with China

3D printing has started becoming a reality for the lay man as the technology becomes cheaper. Confined for long in the hands of a few companies and research institutions that could afford to foot the bill of acquisition, today its becoming more wide spread and the possibility of printing objects in our homes is more real than ever. I share a couple of thoughts on how this is likely to impact the trade between Africa and China in this article