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Festive Season Prophesy on Telecoms Services

The Christmas – New Year festive season is a big deal in Uganda and as usual it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the likely performance of Uganda’s telecom services. One wonders whether they don’t learn from history. I share with you some insights and possible anti-dotes in this article.


From Grease to Code. The Future of Uganda’s Mechanics

Today the auto mechanic profession is largely considered one for school drop outs. It is a very rare occurrence to find a student studying at tertiary institutions in Uganda with an overall goal of being a car mechanic save for a few scattered cases. The typical mechanic in a backyard garage is barely literate and has learnt on the job.

With the increasing sophistication of Cars being made, it calls for more highly skilled mechanics to maintain them. Could the answer be with today’s IT Innovators? Are the various IT Hubs a potential source of Applications, human resource and innovations for the Auto Industry? Find out why in this article.

Cyber Security the New Hydra Headed Monster

The story of the Chinese Cyber Crime ring that was busted in Kenya raises alot of concern for any African country that is intent on pursuing e-government for the overall benefit of its citizens. I share scenarios that could easily expose countries like Uganda to the worst of online connectivity in this article.

MTN, Get a better excuse on Short Codes

The Stand off between MTN Uganda and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) over the change in Short Codes has brought to the fore what Corporate arrogance can turn into when a company uses its financial and political muscle to panel beat any obstacle before it. It has been a well known fact that UCC always prefers to keep mum when the biggest contributor to the Rural Communications Development Fund and arguably the leading tax payer in the country is at fault. The arguments presented by the GM Corporate Affairs for not switching Codes are so pedestrian and I share with you why I believe so in this article.