Monthly Archives: January 2015

When your Spouse Taps your Phone

It’s becoming fashion for spouses in Uganda to reach out against each other through phone tapping. Stories abound of such incidents and the victims are left feeling so powerless. However in reality, the national laws are all out there to protect the victims and punish the perpetrators and those that abet the crime. More on this here.


What 2014 offered Uganda in ICT

The ICT industry is increasingly becoming vibrant in Uganda and each year notable activities, projects and programs are actualised. Some observations of what I deemed significant are shared here.

Observing Standards, the likely Game Changer in Agriculture

With 70% of Ugandans earning a living from an activity related to the Agriculture Value Chain its becoming obvious that this is no longer an industry for amateurs. The need to professionalise is becoming more real and it has to start from the peasant farmers all the way up to the retailers. I share more in this article