TimeBomb – Bobi Wine’s Prophecy ?

I have never really been a fan of Bobi Wine, one of Uganda’s most renowned musicians over the last decade. His lifestyle and choice of lyrics for most of his earlier songs were perhaps the major reasons I never felt him.

However, the Baganda say, “Obukadde Magezi” and this musician only gets better with age. His new found activism through music is adorable and anyone that has a sense of feeling for the welfare of society cannot fail to appreciate this.

I did come across his song Time Bomb (watching the video will help you appreciate this post more) while browsing through my tweets and without doubt was instantly moved. As a christian, am a firm believer in prophecy and the power it has over human kind. In his opening verse, Bobi says;

I would like to communicate
About tings
(things) de we have fi (to) eliminate
Ignorance and poverty, eradicate
And de wholla ghetto yhut dem fi educate
(Educate the whole Ghetto) …

To free ghetto (slum) people dem must educate
But education, expensive to get
(Education is expensive)
Is like you say we carry water inna b
asket (It’s like attempting to carry water in a basket)

Without doubt, ignorance and poverty are really hitting this nation of ours badly. We may bask in the assumed glory of poverty levels having dropped according to recent statistics but the absolute numbers of Ugandans in poverty today is much higher than it has even been before.

Education has become too pricey and the feeble attempt at free education by the Government is implemented in a manner that leaves a lot to be desired. How can a school with 2,000 pupils be given an annual financial release worth the annual fees of one child in a middle level Kampala private school?

Indeed all attempts by the under privileged to turn around their circumstances are akin to carrying water in a basket. By the time they reach their intended destination, the basket is empty.

The second verse is entirely in Luganda and below are some of the excerpts;

Kati temudawo mwelimbe [Stop lying to yourselves]
Ngamuwooza tusaaba government etuyambe
[Asking the Government to help you]
Opposition gyetusuubira etuyambe
[The opposition we expect to help us]
Mpulira nabo batukolamu musimbi
[I hear, are just making money]
Gwe omuntu owafamili omusala ogwomwezi
[A family person’s monthly salary]
Tegu`mulisa kumala wiki, kyovolaba ngamba
[Can’t feed him for a week]
Tutudde ku time bomb
[We are sitting on a Time bomb]
Eyagala kubaluka eno time bomb
[This Time bomb wants to explode]
Kelibaluka (time bomb)
[When it Explodes]
Temugamba temwajjimanya (time bomb)
[Don’t say you never knew about it]

In the last verse, more prophetic pronouncements come out;

Abasinga bibalumila muli nebisigalayo kumitima [Many are hurt but keep it to themselves]
Buli omu yandi funye equal opportunity
[Everyone should get an equal opportunity]
No matter the tribe
Netumalawo fitina
[So we can get rid of the gossip]
Nanti eno time bomb
[This is a time bomb]
Engundo mwetuyitta (time bomb)
[The roads we use]
Embeera yomumalwaliro (time bomb)
[The state of Hospitals]

You may read this and think it’s just one of these disgruntled Ugandans trying to disorient the society, but it is high time you woke up and smelt the coffee. The fact that you have a steady salary, booming business or even a network of rich buddies that cushion your existence doesn’t imply that these injustices aren’t rife.

Most musicians have resorted to singing erotically oriented music probably because it guarantees them the bread and butter they seek. However, kudos to Bobi Wine for standing tall and choosing to be an advocate for the under privileged. You too can save this nation from the Time Bomb that is amidst us.

Do not ask how, just look at what you can do with what you have, where you are.

Why why, why why
Yaga yaga yaga yaga yo
Why why, why why

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Bobi Wine Picture Photo Credit: Howwe Music

3 responses to “TimeBomb – Bobi Wine’s Prophecy ?

  1. Indeed we are sitting on a time bomb that was prior talked of by HIS EXCELLENCE ROBERT KYAGULANYI SSENTAMU .the getteoh gladiator.boommmmmmm kabulaza tulemere ku nsonga


  2. I have learnt some thing


  3. Musamba Abdallah.

    I have never listened to it but at least I have learnt something from yo critical observation, kudos, I’ve got to do something to prevent this time bomb not only to blast in my home but also in the localities of my beloved Banyole plus Uganda at larger. Thanks my Mentor at Wire may Allah bless you.


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