Data Thieves? Orange Telecom?

October 14th 2014 started off just like any other day. I dropped my kids at their various schools, passed by a Petrol Station to buy airtime and while at it, I play the piki piki ponki game of trying to decide whether to buy Orange or MTN Airtime. Eventually Orange takes the day. One thing for sure, Orange has always been my preferred data provider even amidst all the allegations that have been levied against them of cheating customers on data bundle usage. Those who know me know how spiritedly loyal I can be (ask KCCA). Fast forward, I head to my office, proceed to activate 200Mbs of data on my Orange line which still had 26Mb of data due to expire in a short while.

Having set up the hotspot on my phone enabling only USB access to my Mac, he fumbling then starts as I don’t seem to get access to the internet for about 5 minutes. The next thing I see is a message from Orange at 7:29 am “Your internet bundle has expired. Internet access ….” I could hardly believe my eyes. I then consoled myself with the thought that being a pre-programmed message maybe it was referring to the previous day’s bundle that had 26Mbs left. I was expecting to start consuming my freshly loaded 200Mb. To my shock, the fumbling continued and on checking my data status, I got the message “No valid package.”

A call to Orange support follows at 7:41 am and I am greeted by a one Patrick .O. After explaining what transpired, he advises that I had actually used up my data. This sent me reeling in shock. I recalled all my 16 years spent on the internet, how as one of the pioneer internet techies in Uganda I had learnt from first principles to use bandwidth in the most lean manner. The first ISP I worked for had a 64 Kbps data link that was shared among close to 600 customers and the Office LAN. Such lean access made me grow up as a natural miser of bandwidth. Now this guy tells me how I had used 226Mb in five minutes?What was I downloading? For starters;

  • I don’t play videos online save for when I am using some kind of fixed free internet.

  • I have optimised my phones and Mac never to make any reckless downloads without my permission

  • I am always careful to keep my Orange Phone switched off when I ain’t using it for data access in order to avoid ‘false data usage triggers’

  • Apart from Gmail, WordPress, Whatsapp, Tweetdeck and occasionally Facebook, I dont have any other applications that are likely to be bandwidth hogs

So, Patrick O takes me for a fool not to know when I have got my money’s worth yet the records on my Orange Account should be enough to show him that I am a consistent user of their bundles on a daily basis? In otherwords I am so much of a fool that I am like that chap who went to a petrol station, paid for a full tank of fuel and after driving for a mere 50 metres, the tank was empty. On heading back to ask the Pump attendant what the problem was, he was told; “You have used up all your fuel.” [duh!!!]

Orange Telecom, where do you school these support personnel of yours? Or is it that they are a reflection of the average levels of understanding of IT in Uganda? Patrick .O proceeds to advise me to send an email to customer care and wait for 24 hours for the problem to be resolved? In this day and age? What is a tech company doing replying to emails after 24 hours? So if I have no alternative, how do they expect me to send that email now that I am too scared to use Orange Data again? I was only lucky to have a ‘connected’ friend link me up to someone ‘upstairs’ but what would an ordinary consumer do? Just accept their fate and curse on the sidelines?

Recently my son touched the bathroom taps when he has a slight wound on his hand and received a mild electric shock, since then, he has boycotted touching those taps, I now understand his feeling and thats the same way I feel too about Orange as I rant.

It has been alleged that Ugandan Telcos are hiding behind the veil of Internet bundles to cheat unsuspecting customers and I am a living testimony to that, courtesy of Orange Telecom. Many users keep complaining and information has been passed on to the Uganda Communications Commission to this effect but the trend continues.

Many are the questions regarding how the traffic is computed to determine the actual data usage and this will remain a subject of debate until we call a spade a spade.

As I wind up the article, Orange has refunded my 200Mb, and assured me that I visited the site and that is where I lost all the data within a minute. Wow!!! I didn’t know the speeds were that crazy on their network. That would be a download speed of slightly more than 3.5 Mbps. Possible but not practical here in Uganda.

I am grateful for that action but at the same time shudder to imagine how many other subscribers have lost their hard earned money to telcos. If you dont live in Uganda, you may wonder, what the heck anyway? 200Mb of data valid for 24 hours costs US$ 1.5. In a country where a significant section of the population is earning less than Two dollars a day, it matters a lot.

To the other operators, you too are equally culpable, many are the stories that have been shared about similar challenges. I leave you with Exodus 20:15.

6 responses to “Data Thieves? Orange Telecom?

  1. I left orange 2 years ago, after a support tech told me that all my 500mb had run out because the service was fast. He also said I should use the USB extension instead of plugging the dongle directly to reduce b/w usage. I hang up and moved on.


  2. Now am surely confused was thinking of starting to use my retired orange line. ..


  3. All ISPs are bafeere. We need a union to protect ourselves…so that at a go we can do mass action.


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  5. Thanks, James. I must tell you that you have given me an item to follow up, basing on another discussion we’ve had about this. Nevertheless, today I met with three people who were complaining about how quickly their Orange bundles run out. I hope Orange responds to these issues with an improved service overall!


    • Thanks for the insight James, i must say reading through the article made me realize the TECH world is an abyss of complex and often misunderstood wagers between service providers and consumers. I for one constantly use the Orange Uganda Internet and with the time i spent accessing service, had huge concerns about my data usage.I use a simple Iphone-4 and vividly recall contacting orange customer care in the month of June to understand what happened to my data. Similar to you, i seemed rather incensed on being informed that my bundle had been used. My first instinct was the service provider was definitely responsible for my bundles getting used up though i took time to keenly pay attention to one of the providers who took the liberty to help me understand how my package was being used.

      A link i found useful to date . Secondly much as we definitely have to point a hand directly to the provider i do remember during Networking and Billing course units the concept used by ISPs to provide bandwidth is guided by their FUP which in most cases is ignored and personally i make it a point it read. It might be worth the bother to scribble through .

      Am a solitary idealist and believe a communication commission that licenses a body to operate and make profits surely is aware of the operation of all teleco’s. If i was to be candid, the era of capped plans is over, people need to be using unlimited service plans and leave the other rudimentary service packages to basic phone users. In this day statistically speaking a regular Ugandan has an Android smart phone a modem and the middle class user probably an iPhone, router or some kind of static internet connection because value for money works. I see providers like SMILE have LTE on capped plans with over 100mbps in transit speeds, how much will one have to pay ?

      To sum it all up James, i would put blame to the provider and UCC for bunking on consumer ignorance and not hold the notion that am being cheated since the choices and alternative options are available with the same providers.



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