Is the .UG redelegation Necessary?

In the recent past, ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains) have attracted alot of attention from Governments and national communities to the extent that they are being regarded a national resource. This has led to a desire to change the way they are managed with many of them having been run by individuals and private companies. Uganda hasn’t escaped that. I share a little history and my proposed way forward for Uganda’s .UG ccTLD here.

6 responses to “Is the .UG redelegation Necessary?

  1. Thankk you for writing this


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  3. “The lack of a well incentivised reseller programme has greatly hindered the promotion of the .ug ccTLD locally.” – this is really important. The use of dot ug would go up 10 fold if it could be bought on the global market (Namecheap, Gandi, etc…).


  4. The author (sic) doesn’t even use a .ug domain for his own email. So does he want to re-delegate because it’s “cool” or is there some other hidden agenda ?


  5. James,

    While you may consider redelegation to be necessary, you really need to look at the IANA redelegation procedure. There are reasons that must be given in order to accomplish redelagtion. So far those reasons have not yet been provided.


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