Cyber Security the New Hydra Headed Monster

The story of the Chinese Cyber Crime ring that was busted in Kenya raises alot of concern for any African country that is intent on pursuing e-government for the overall benefit of its citizens. I share scenarios that could easily expose countries like Uganda to the worst of online connectivity in this article.

2 responses to “Cyber Security the New Hydra Headed Monster

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  2. I live in America, you know, the “home of the free, the land of the brave”? Our government has mis-used Various kinds of “registrations” and now has an unnecessary strangle hold on almost all of it’s citizens. Knowing where they are minute by minute, what they say, wonder about in conversation with their families and friends. Read the news and reports in BBC Guardian to help make up your mind about this issue. For a definitive opinion about the actions of Kings (Leaders) of nations and “registrations” see your Christian Bible–God hates these devices!!!
    BTW look at all nations subscribing to these things and see if they are MORE Free of the kinds of crimes you describe. :-)) Criminal investigations, legitimate trials (in your legal system), and love and respect for the lives of your county’s people can do more than any electronic surveillance network. Remember: Power Corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!!” I have only visited your country once, but I found it’s people to be more like family than I had experience in a very long time. Neither Uganda nor the Continent needs to be more Western, what you need is to be More Uniquely African.


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