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Beating Censorship as #UgandaDecides

The morning begun just like any other. I took time to slash my compound with the kids in anticipation of the task ahead today. Voting and deciding who leads Uganda for the next five years.

By 9 am I was tired and opted to retreat into the house and catch up on the election gossip. To my utter horror, I realised that I couldn’t access any social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and others.

Thanking God for my knowledge of Internet Censorship disobedience, I quickly recalled the ToR Project and how it works towards facilitating anonymity of users online. By merely downloading the ToR Browser, I was able to quckly beat the system and resume my normal social media experience.

If you are still unable to use Social Media and/or know someone facing the same challenge, here are some tools that can be used to circumvent. They are both Phone and PC based.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments section. Otherwise, I hope you will never succumb to censorship again.